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Talk to us about your track and ideas.                 We mix using your direction.

Step 1

Browse the site at your own pace and message us with any questions you have.

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Step 2

Identify a package you like in the prices page and complete the studio form.

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Step 3

Grab a drink or get stuck into a new series... We are now working on your track.

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Step 4

Download your radio-ready professionally mixed track straight to your desktop !

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What Is Mixing ?

Mixing is the process in which your raw or recorded individual instruments and parts are treated, emphasised and expertly intertwined to create the sound you have in mind. This is performed in a variety of processes and techniques, a few of which we explain in our We Do page.

It is a vital part of taking your track to a high professional level, however as an artform it is of course subjective. We think it is important for you as the artist - songwriter - composer - producer to find a trusted high quality mixing studio service of which you can rely on for your music.

MixButton delivers your professionaly mixed tracks back to you within 7 working days simply by sending over your stems. You can tell us your ideas in as much or as little detail as you want in our Studio Form


Some Of What We Offer

Vocal Tuning

Fine organic vocal tuning at the highest quality. Simply let us know what you have in mind.

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Drum Enhancement

Enhancing or replacing specific drum parts if needed to give them that extra *cough* kick.

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Second thoughts on your mixing instructions or simply have a brilliant idea post mix. Each price package includes the chance to amend your final mix.

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What If I Don't Like What I hear ?

The mix you receive back will have been worked on with care by real professional engineers and will result in a high quality final product.

Music though of course, is subjective and so with every package to choose from, we include the option for you to say post mix if there are any changes you would like us to make (Revisions).

We will then open up your mixing session and send back to you the requested alterations to ensure you are happy with the final product. Different packages include a different amount of revisions, take a look at the prices page to find out more about what our packages include.

MixButton has the skill set to improve your mixes to a higher level than other similar online companies.

Ryan Laubscher

Multi-Platinum Music Producer

Simple and high quality service !

Jasper Dent

Britannia Row Studios

I had specific ideas for my track which they were able to deliver perfectly !

Izzy Roth


Positive user experience as through messaging them, they helped me decide which package would suit my budget.

Sophia J


Audio Samples - Before / After Mixing

Home Studio Tips

We also have a page specifically dedicated to helping our customers out with home recording techniques and advice.

Guide | Home Recording